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如何加入BNI? How to join BNI?

l          可到 Find a Group 尋找適分會
Go to find a group

l          聯絡分會領導團隊
Contact Chapter’s leadership team

l          進行分會探訪
Chapter visit


常見問題 FAQ
Q1: 是否任何人都可加入分會? Can anyone join a chapter?
A:   每個行業細分只有一名代表
      We only take one person per professional specialty


Q2:  如何確定新會員是值得信任? How do you know new members are reputable?
A:    每位會員都有推薦人,而且經由會員委員會面試及審核,程序嚴謹
       The applicants asks for references and we have a membership committee to check and conduct interview  

Q3: 哪種行業於BNI中最受惠? Which occupations benefit the most?
A:   我們不著重行業,而是個人。我們希望找尋願意“先付出,後回報”的個體加入。
       It is not the occupation, it is the individual. If you’re focused and you’re willing to make a sacrifice,
​       you are the person we want in the group.  

Q4: 會員可以帶嘉賓出席嗎? Are members supposed to bring visitors?
A:    歡迎會員邀請行業開放的嘉賓出席
​       You're encouraged to bring visitors for those occupations that are open