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BNI是由 現代人際網絡之父Dr. Ivan Misner 1985年創立,至今已有33年歷史。系統已發展至全球73個國家及地區,超過22萬家企業及專業人士透過有效的商業引薦系統來增加業務。

BNI 香港於2006年成立,至今已成立12年,發展成熟會員之間的生意引薦超過573千宗,為中小企提供了一個有效穩定的生意平台 !


Founded in 1985 by Dr. Ivan Misner, the father of "Modern Networking," BNI has been established for 33 years. The system has reached to 73 countries and regions, more than 220,000 corporations and professionals have gained  business growth through this effective business referral system. BNI Hong Kong was established in 2006, it has been maturely developed for 12 years. Through these years, the number of business referrals created among members was over 573,000, providing SMEs an effective and stable business platform for greater developments!


BNI重要資訊 What You Should Know ?


   Weekly meetings last for 90 minutes. Members need to arrive on time and stay for the entire meeting.

2. 每個分會只有一個行業代表

   Only one person from each profession specialty is accepted into a chapter of BNI

3. 每位會員的行業代表必需為其正職

   All participants must represent their primary occupation

4. 出席率是很重要,如會員不能出席會議,可由替代人出席

   Attendance is critical. If you cannot attend a meeting, you may send a substitute.


會籍資訊 Membership Investment

1.      我們將會收取入會費及年費。分會亦或會向會員收取場地費用。如有任何疑問,可向分會財務秘書查詢。

There is an initial application fee & annual membership fee. Chapter may also have a venue fee. For further inquiries, please contact the Chapter Secretary / Treasurer for details

2.      所有入會申請將經由分會委員會進行面試及審核,並於下次會議時作出通知
Every application will be reviewed by the Chapter’s Membership Committee and you will be notified of the status before next meeting


BNI的得著 Benefits from BNI

   Increase exposure to other business professionals
2. 透過引薦提升生意額
   Substantially increase business through referrals

3. 不同的培訓助你提升管理技巧
Enhance the management skills by trainings
4. “
   “Givers Gain” helps to increase business