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人際網絡對業發展極為重要! BNI是全球最大的商引薦組,提供正面,具規模的引薦營銷機會助商家有效擴大生意層面。

2017年,香港BNI促成了124,046宗生意,生額超過39港元 !

Interpersonal networks are extremely important for business development! BNI is the largest business referral organization in the world, offering positive and huge referral opportunities to help businesses expand their business effectively. In 2017, BNI Hong Kong brought in 124,046 business referral transactions with a turnover exceeding HK$ 3.9 Billion!

為何要加入BNI? Why Join BNI?

 1. 本地生意,環球網絡,締造無限商機
   Expose your local business to our global network


   Help to build and develop your business network


   Enhance your business development by sufficient members’ referrals

4.  生意智囊團為您提供支援,助您了解不同行業的需要

    Provide support by your members

5. 助您探索未被踏足的商業領域,拓展商機
   Explore and develop new business opportunities with other business professionals

   Learn and grow with other business professionals at our conferences and advanced workshops